Claremont Graduate University’s Office of Marketing & Communications is responsible for managing and implementing the university’s marketing, advertising, communications, and brand stewardship efforts.

We can provide you with branded CGU stationery and items, create external communications pieces such as brochures and flyers, assist with information presented on websites or through email, and help you get your message out to the community and the world using advertising or social media.

To request help, view the request forms and downloads page.

Why Do We Need Brand Stewardship?

A university’s logo, colors, and other identifying marks are intended to convey a distinct impression. When used in a consistent manner, in conjunction with written and designed material that adheres to a high standard of quality, Claremont Graduate University’s name, logo, and design elements create a unifying look that helps raise our public visibility and recognition. People gain familiarity with the CGU brand and associate it with quality. It becomes a virtuous circle.

Our brand and identity standards are intended to promote a clear, cohesive system of design unity and to serve as a convenient resource to resolve stylistic uncertainties common to university publications—promotional pieces, brochures, letters, etc.—and other media, such as the CGU website and new electronic media.

Following these guidelines will allow the university to present a united appearance to an outside audience. Within this framework, schools and departments can showcase their unique identities while projecting a common image that reflects the collective excellence of Claremont Graduate University.