The content shortcode allows you to insert content from one post or page into another post or page.

Suppose you have a Contact Info section that’s the same on all your pages. You would create a page and title it “Partial Page – Contact Info” (NOTE: it’s important to title the page starting with “Partial Page – ” because it will be easier for you to identify that it’s a page that’s used in other pages). Put the contact info in the partial page and publish it as usual. The partial page is just like a regular page, except you wouldn’t want to add it to the menu. To make the partial page even easier to identify, you can add it’s post id to the title, for example: “Partial Page – Contact Info – 5044”

Embed content from “” which has an ID of 5044.

[content post="5044"]

(required) The ID of the post you want to grab content from. To find this, navigate to the post you want to grab content from and look for the post= parameter. The number that follows is the post ID.