The Claremont Graduate University name and visual identity are property of Claremont Graduate University. All decisions regarding proper usage of the logo reside with the CGU Marketing & Communications department.

The university logo is to be used only for approved university business and communication. Official and recognized student groups may request to use elements of the CGU visual identity by making an initial request through the Dean of Students office.

Usage of the CGU name and logo may not be used by any person, group, or organization that is not associated with the university or does not have recognized student group status and express approval.

The university name, seal and logo are vital parts of the Claremont Graduate University brand and image. All usage must adhere to stated brand usage guidelines. The name, seal and logo may not be redrawn, reconstructed, or modified in any way.

All university schools, departments, centers, labs, etc., should utilize a logo lock-up that maintains the CGU brand, while allowing for identification of specific entities. Marketing & Communications will create approved lock-ups and provide instruction regarding proper usage.